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5. Nitrogen Removal

Nitrogen removal is the process most extensively studied in the history of wastewater treatment. This course covers fundamental, design and experimental aspects of nitrification and denitrification processes, including biological and process kinetics, factors influencing processes, nitrification and denitrification rates and potential and other relevant aspects. A complete design example is included with detailed development and demonstration of design procedure, sizing of the system, calculation of oxygen demand and other process requirements. You will also become familiar with nitrogen cycle, impact of side-stream processes, and novel nitrogen removal processes such as nitrite-based nitrogen removal, anaerobic ammonia oxidation, and bio-augmentation, including SHARON®, ANAMMOX®, CANON® and BABE® processes, and you will benefit from several interesting case studies of application of novel nitrogen removal technologies in practice.  

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5.1 Nitrogen Removal - Part 1

George A. Ekama


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5.1 Nitrogen Removal - Part 2

George A. Ekama


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5.1 Nitrogen Removal - Part 3

George A. Ekama


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5.1 Nitrogen Removal - Part 4

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5.1 Nitrogen Removal - Part 5

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5.1 Nitrogen Removal - Part 6

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5.1 Nitrogen Removal - Part 7

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5.1 Nitrogen Removal - Part 8

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5.1 Nitrogen Removal - Part 9

George A. Ekama


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5.2 Nitrogen Removal - Part 10

George A. Ekama


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