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17. Biofilm Modelling and Reactors

This novel course teaches bout biofilm modelling and reactors in wastewater treatment. It starts with the definition of biofilms, motivation for modelling and modelling approaches for a biofilm, and deals with in-depth insights in modelling components and steps in the process. It provides explanation of biofilm reactor modelling in practice, derived and model parameters, and available modelling tools. The second part of the course deals with various biofilm reactors (trickling filters, rotating biological contactors, submerged fixed-bed biofilm reactors, fluidized and expanded-bed reactors, granular sludge reactors, moving-bed biofilm reactors, hybrid biofilm/activated sludge reactors, and membrane-attached biofilm rectors). You will also learn about design parameters and how to determine maximum design fluxes and loading rates, and several other design considerations. In addition, several examples and exercises are included in the course.

Welcome by Prof. Eberhard Morgenrooth

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