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14. Modelling Activated Sludge Processes

This course is designed for those who wish to learn about modelling of activated sludge processes and includes modelling basics, aim and scope, model building and general set-up, stoichiometry, kinetics, transport and matrix notation. You will also get deep insight into stepwise development of the biokinetic model ASM1 as well as the fundamentals of other activated sludge models (ASM). The ASM toolbox is also introduced as well as modelling challenges and future trends. The examples and exercises section of the course expands on conceptual modelling of non-sewered sanitation technologies as well on integrated citywide inclusive sanitation modelling. The course covers variety of case studies and examples of integrated modelling of sewer systems, wastewater treatment plants and receiving waters using different models and modeling simulators. By the end of the course you will be ready to embark on modelling studies.

Welcome by Prof. Damir Brdjanovic

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Introduction to Activated Sludge Modelling

Mark C.M. van Loosdrecht


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Categories of Modelling Objectives

Dwight Houweling


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Influent Wastewater Characterization Protocols

Dwight Houweling


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Case Study 1A_Sludge Production and Airflow Requirements

Dwight Houweling


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Case Study 1B_Sludge Production and Airflow Requirements

Dwight Houweling


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Flow and Loading Patterns, and Other Input Dynamics

Dwight Houweling


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Case Study 2A - Influent Loading Dynamics

Dwight Houweling


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Case Study 2B - Influent Loading Dynamics

Dwight Houweling


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Model Parameters_ Kinetics, Nitrification and Biological Nutrient Removal

Dwight Houweling


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Case Study 3A_Parameter Sensitivities in MLE Process

Dwight Houweling


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Case Study 3B_Parameter Sensitivities in MLE Process

Dwight Houweling


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Case Study 4_Model Testing

Damir Brdjanovic


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Case Study 5_Refinery WWTP Optimization

Damir Brdjanovic

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Case Study 6_WWTP Upgrade

Damir Brdjanovic

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Case Study 7_WWTP Reconstruction

Damir Brdjanovic

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Case Study 8_WWTP Design Verification

Damir Brdjanovic

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Case Study 9_System-wide Modelling

Damir Brdjanovic

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Damir Brdjanovic

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